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I was contacted by a local television station (Channel 10, KGTV) and asked if my firm could locate the birth mother of a Ms. PAMELA LEE, a local San Diego woman dying of cancer. Ms. Lee wanted to locate and make contact with her mother.

My firm accepted the case. We then took Ms. Lee's case to the Superior Court in Vista, California before a local judge who agreed with our plight and opened up the 33 year old adoption records. This was a victory in itself as California adoptions records are sealed. The Judge then ordered the San Diego County Adoption Agency to provide us with Ms. Lee's birth mother's name. Within just a few days we were on the telephone to Ms. Lee's mother whom we had located in Lewisville Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

Several days later we arranged to have Ms. Lee's mother flown into San Diego where they were united after 33 years of separation. Airline attendants passed out boxes of tissues...there wasn't a dry eye in the terminal.

Pamela and her mother embraced for several minutes, and then Ms. Lee turned to the crowd and explained sheepishly, "This is my mom".

Ms. Lee died of cancer shortly after being reunited with her mother. This ended a lifelong dream of Ms. Lee's. Ms. Lee's mother took over the care of Pamela's four children gladly. She was one happy grandmother!

Investigation Pays Off in Skull Surgery Dui Case!

My client had a .18 blood alcohol level (the equivalent of about ten 12oz. beers) and was put behind the wheel by several witnesses before he collided with a pedestrian who later underwent a craniotomoy. After a six and a half day jury trial in Superior Court, two Felony DUI charges came back 11-1 not guilty and two lessor Misdemeanor DUI charges were dismissed!

The Trial Attorney, Richard L. Duquette, Esq. from Carlsbad, California credits thorough Reconstruction and Investigation with the win. So, when confronted with what looks like the impossible case, please call...maybe it isn't!

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