Why You Should Hire A Missing Persons Investigator?

When it comes to investigating a missing person, most people think that all they will ever need is the help of the police. The law enforcement agency is obviously the first point of contact when someone goes missing, but you cannot just rely solely on the services o the police. It is important to know that the police have hundreds of other cases to handle, and it is highly likely that your case may not be taken with as much priority and importance. If you want to speed up things and ensure a more comprehensive investigation, you should consider getting the help of a licensed and experienced missing persons investigator.

How is a Private Investigator Better?

The police can have several missing persons investigations open at any given time. This typically means that they don’t have the manpower and resources, and often the technology to conduct a thorough investigation. Most of the cases either go cold or never get resolved or they get resolved without the authorities doing anything. So you should get the help of a private missing persons investigator if you want someone a professional to be dedicated on your case. They will devote their time exclusively to your case and will continue working on it as long as you retain their services. Private investigations go to much greater lengths compared to law enforcement agencies. If you have any suspicious about the whereabouts of your loved one or some other clues, you can have the missing persons investigator at Rogers Investigations doing thorough investigations to check whether your suspicions are true or not. The police simply doesn’t have the resources and time to conduct such an elaborate investigation.

Find Debtors & Other Contacts

When you face a situation where your debtors or other contacts have skipped town and are untraceable, the police is less likely to help you. You can get the help of a missing persons investigator in such cases and locate people. In such situations, law enforcement agencies may not give as much priority to your case as losing someone close in your family. How Can a Missing Persons Investigator Help You?

When you hire a missing persons investigator, you can provide them all the relevant information to speed up the investigation. And they will put each bit of information under scrutiny to ensure that all scenarios are considered and investigated. You cannot expect the same level of services from the police. The more information you can provide them, the easier and faster the case is likely to be resolved. Some of the basic information that your private investigator will require include the following: Missing person’s name Date of birth Last known address Cell phone number Social security number List of friends and enemies Places where they like to spend time

Any additional information about changes in behavior or other relevant points you may have noticed could make it easier to find the person. Professional investigators can compile all the information for people you may not know much about except their name, address and contact numbers. Experienced and licensed investigators have the resources that can help them access all the information required to carry out the investigation. They can have access to public records and technologies that ordinary citizens don’t have. The combination of their experience, skills and such resources can help them locate missing people in much shorter time compared to the police. Investigation Techniques

A missing persons investigator can use a wide range of techniques, depending on the situation, to locate the person. This can include: Surveillance Background checks

Experienced investigators can also have connections with other investigation agencies in other states in collecting required information. Handling Different Types of Missing Person Situations Missing person situations are not just limited to cases of kidnapping. They can include a wide range of other situations where you can seek the help of a private investigator. Some of the other such cases can involve: Finding a long lost love Finding an old friend Finding an estranged family member Finding your biological parent Finding a missing family member who has mental illness Finding a runaway teen Finding debtors

No matter whether it is a criminal case or not, you can get the help of a missing persons investigator to ensure that the investigation takes place at a fast pace and in the right direction. It often happens that someone may be trying to avoid you. It may be your business contacts or even your adult children or sibling. These are situations where the police cannot help you. Whatever the kind of situation, you can get the help of an experienced professional who has all the resources and skills to speed up your case.

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