How to Reconstruct A Crash and Protect Your Injury Rights

When a crash occurs, the little things win or lose and injury case.

An expert accident reconstructionist looks for the length of skid marks, gouge marks, broken glass, paint transfers, damage to vehicles and more.SKID MARKS And more...

Prove the speed of the vehicles. There is a scientific speed from skid formula that is used by the experts. By measuring the length and type of skids, speed can be estimated.

GOUGE MARKS and broken glass help prove the initial point of impact. This shows where the vehicles were when they crashed. Knowing the point of impact proves Vehicle Code violations like Illegal Turns and Right of Way Violations which can win your case by proving liability.

PAINT TRANSFERS prove who hit who first and from which direction they were travelling. A Trial Attorney who has a working relationship with an experienced accident reconstructionist is key to explaining to the Jury, Arbitrator or Insurance Claims Adjuster why you were in the right and should collect for your injuries, property damage and lost wages.

I have investigated over 3,000 motor vehicle accidents and bicycle crashes. I have also testified as an Expert Witness in court on many occasions. I am also a licensed investigator with fifteen and half years of Highway Patrol experience. I have an eye for evidence that will help your lawyer effectively present your case.

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