Our Investigation Services

Find your Birth parents:
My firm has successfully located hundreds of birthparents and birth children
See the PAMELA LEE CASE in my success stories and updates!

Qualified as a Criminal Scene Reconstructionist, as well as in time and distance studies
Qualified as an Expert in Digital and Video Photography
Qualified as an Expert Witness in DUI, Driving Under the Influence
Witnesses interviewed - Typed transcription of interview provided
Juror Background Checks Cases
Nationwide Research:
Civil Background Research
Missing persons located
Criminal Background Research
Bank Accounts/Trace Non-Published Numbers, etc. We offer 100's of different searches, call or email me for the selection!
Accident Investigation:
Qualified as a expert Witness in Courtand expert accident re-constructionist,
See How to Reconstruct a CrashQualified as an Expert in Digital and Video Photography.
Countermeasures (debuging):
Telephone Lines, Structures, Vehicles, Boats, Planes, etc.
Residential and Commercial
Professional Countermeasures.

Subrosa (surveillance):
Business and Domestic
Interviewing of witnesses - Typed transcription of interview provided
Digital and Video photography
Radio Equipped Investigation Vehicles
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