How Can a Private Criminal Investigator Help Your Case?

Thow Can a Private Criminal Investigator Help Your Case? Law enforcement agencies have limited resources which are not adequate to conduct speedy investigations. With the crime rates surging at such high levels, you cannot expect the police to resolve your case quickly or ever. This is why you should get the help of a professional Criminal Investigator. This guide explains how a private investigator can help you.

What Does a Criminal Investigator Do?

A private Criminal Investigator may work alone or as part of a team to find the facts of the case. Such professionals can be specialized in a wide range of areas including the following: Analysis of crimes scene information evidence Conducting searches Conducting interviews Conductive surveillance


Some types of criminal investigators are specialized in covert surveillance for exposing criminal activity or to gather useful information. They can use surveillance equipment or even work disguised to learn more about people or organizations. Their job can involve following suspects and documenting their conversations and locations. They may conduct in-depth background checks, online database searches and trace phone calls to gather information that is relevant and useful to the case. Criminal investigators can conduct investigations on a wide range of cases involving organized crime, financial crime, kidnapping, extortion, public corruption, robberies, civil rights violations and much more.

Daily Functions

The daily functions of a private investigator can involve the following tasks: Examining records and data for investigating criminal activities Interviewing people to gather information relevant to criminal cases Observing people’s activities for compiling evidence or to gather other relevant information Determining operational procedures

Preparing incident or investigation reports How Can a Criminal Investigator Help You? A private Criminal Investigator can help you in different ways including the following: They determine the scope, direction and timing of your investigation. They have established relationships with informants and can gather information that cannot be sourced any other way.

They examine records to find any links between the different evidence. They identify the relevant evidence requirements for the case based on the complaints or charges. They obtain and even verify the evidence through observation and interview of witnesses and suspects, and also by analysis of records. Criminal investigators can also handle undercover assignments. They can use surveillance equipments and conduct surveillance investigations. They may also monitor wiretaps after taking proper authorizations.

They prepare detailed reports about the findings made from their investigation. They gather and record physical information about suspects, such as photographs, physical measurements, and fingerprints. They can also conduct forensic analysis of the gathered evidence. They also collaborate with law enforcement agencies to share and coordinate on information and case’ progress.

They can help in the identification of perpetrators through comparison between crime scene fingerprints and the fingerprints of the suspects. There are many other things that your private investigators can do. They can also manage security programs for the protection of facilities, information and people. Your investigator can also testify in courts and provide valuable evidence about the investigation. They may even serve different types of official papers or subpoenas. Whatever type of case it may be, a Criminal Investigator plays a key role in piecing all the facts tighter to help strengthen your case. It may be a case of abduction or kidnapping, murder, theft, or fraud, an experienced and skilled professional has the knowledge, skills and experience required to speed up your case’ investigation.

Crime Scene Investigation

Many of the crime investigations begin at the crime scene. If it is a case of assault or a murder case, the investigator will inspect the victim’s body to identify the markings and the weapon used. They will also check the surrounding areas for fingerprints, footprints, bodily fluids, hair samples, or other information to help strengthen the case. A private investigator can gather all this information from police records to help with your case.

Since a private investigator may not have firsthand access to all this information, they review all the information gathered by the law enforcement agencies. They research the suspects’ background, study photos, and analyze lab results. They can also conduct additional investigations that police may not do. This can include following accused or suspects to observe where they go, what they do, and whom they meet. They can also wiretap their conversations to gather useful evidence that can be used against them in a court of law.

A private Criminal Investigator is driven by the goal to gather all the evidence that can help the culprit get arrested and charged for their crimes. If you expect the law enforcement agencies to perform all these functions quickly, you are more likely to be disappointed. Thus, a private Criminal Investigator can provide dedicated investigation services and ensure that your case becomes stronger.

Background check being conducted on a person or a group of people can generally be categorised into: Corporate background check investigation which involve carrying out internal and external checks on the people employed by a company. This again can be divided into: Checks involving misconduct, fraud, harassment claims or any other form of illegally improper activity on the part of both the management and the employees, Checks into the background of people to be employed as future employees, Checks into the affairs of a company with which a merger has been proposed, Checks for corporate risks, unfair or illegal trade practices, security breaches and unforeseen liabilities.

Personal background check involves looking into the past history of a person with a view to gain a perspective into the personality and character of the person. For this a background check investigator has to cover a lot of ground like: Marital status, Educational qualification, Employment history, Criminal history, Credit history etc.

Since the scope of a personal background check is so vast, the resources employed also has to be extremely thorough and all-encompassing like: Providers of database information who are storehouses of public records and are adept at providing comprehensive reports for a fee, Investigation software which help investigating agencies like to keep a track of ongoing and past investigations, manage evidences procured for current as well as previous investigations and provide reports as per the criteria of the background check investigator conducting an investigation and Other online services which provide crucial but specific information and reports to corroborate a fact or piece of evidence.

There are lot of agencies which offer to provide background check reports for free. But the authenticity and validity of these sources are generally either suspect or the reports are not thorough. These free investigating agencies should thus, be avoided.

Today more and more people are availing the services of these private investigators for a wide variety of reasons. In fact now people have become so cautious that they are also demanding a background check on neighbours before moving into a house or apartment. With so much emphasis being placed on the safety of a person, a family or an organisation, the work and responsibilities of a private investigator is only increasing. It is also a fact that the demand for honest investigators working with honesty and integrity is increasing with people willing to pay more, if required, for honest and thorough reports.

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